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Owl Dash - A Rhythm Game


Simple but addictive rhythm game, shake your head with beats and tap tap tap!Game Features• Rhythm-based action platforming! • Lovely owl character with funny moves!• Three awesome stages from the wood to the mountain, from the mountain to the star sky, help the Owl go to the Rhythm Heaven!• Step on Giraffe, alpaca, elephant and much more!• Super easy gameplay but very addictive. Just tap your phone and make the owl dash further!• Catch the beats is the key point of the game, be the Rhythm master by tap tap tap!• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!
Don't know how to play?• The owl will move forward automatically• You should catch the beats and tap the screen to make your owl dash smoothly• Keep tap correctly and you will get combo bonus to make higher scores!• If you can not tap on the beat, the owl will trip over and lose 1 life.• Max life is 3 and you can get life during the dash.• Lose all the lives the game will be over and you can try again.• Feel the rhythm of the music and catch the beats are the key point to get high scores!
If you like our lovely owl and the music beats, please send email to me! We need your feedbacks!
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